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Ancient and Epic Tales from Around the World

August House Publishers 2016

The Contest Between the Sun & the Wind

August House Publishers, 2008


This ancient tale celebrates the power of gentleness. Walking along a winding road, a man finds himself swept into a magical world where a contest of strength takes place. Illustrated by Susan Gaber.


Dedicated “to Peace Makers everywhere,” this fresh rendition will please young eyes and ears.


-Kirkus Reviews


This fable is beautifully retold in simple verse, bringing a timeless message to young readers.


-- School Library Journal

The Little Red Hen: An Old Fable

August House Publishers 2006.


This classic tale colorfully rendered in whimsical pictures by Susan Gaber celebrates the joys and chaos of learning to work together. Forest and Gaber's third collaboration bakes up a culinary concoction of cake (in place of bread) that is fresh, folksy and fun.


-- Kirkus Review

Wisdom Tales from Around the World

August House Publishers, 1996


Contains fifty gems of story and wisdom from such diverse traditions as Sufi, Zen, Taoist, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, African and Native American. Retold for ages 10 to adult. Extensive annotated bibliography and reference notes.


1997 Storytelling World Anthology Award

Wonder Tales from Around the World

August House Publishers 1995


A collection of twenty-seven multicultural folktales which stretch imaginations and offer insights into diverse cultures. The stories are evocatively retold with a touch of poetry. Each story is complemented by an ornate, full-page line drawing by David Boston. (160 pages)


1996 Storytelling World Anthology Award


August house Publishers 2005


Rumors and gossip can be permanent and damaging. The victim's reputation is harmed, and the trust in the community erodes. In this traditional folktale from Eastern Europe, a gossip is brought before a wise rabbi, who must devise a suitable lesson. His clever solution demonstrates vividly the consequence and permanence of words spoken in haste. It is easy to spread gossip, ....but impossible to take it back.

Stone Soup

August House Publishers 1998 A traditional tale about sharing told throughout Europe. Two hungry travelers come to a comfortable town nestled in the mountains and teach a stingy community about the collective power of everyone giving just a bit. A recipe for a tasty stone soup is included. Illustrated by Susan Gaber.

A Big Quiet House A Yiddish Folktale from Eastern Europe

August House Publishers 1996 An old Yiddish folktale from Eastern Europe which features a wise adviser who comically inspires a man to view his troubles with some objectivity. A lilting text makes this a fine read-aloud for young listeners. American Booksellers Pick of the Lists 1996.

The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers 1990 An old Scottish tale retold for all who love a touch of magic, a bit of good sense, and a lot of fun! The fairies never get a taste of the fine cakes made by the bakerwoman who lives at the edge of the forest. Her cakes are so good they are eaten down to the last crumb. The fairies want her to make cakes only for them, so...they capture her. But the bakerwoman flummoxes the fairies -- she confuses, perplexes, surprises, and befuddles them with an ingenious plan that ends up pleasing everyone! Illustrated by Susan Gaber. A Junior Library Guild selection.

The Baker's Dozen A Colonial American Tale

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers 1988 This Colonial American Tale tells the story of Van Amsterdam, the baker, whose red and white iced St. Nicholas cookies become famous. But fame makes the baker greedy. When he begins to use less of his fine quality ingredients, suddenly his breads fall flat, his muffins harden, and his pies taste sour. Then an old woman helps the baker to remember the joy of giving! This is the legend behind the custom of giving thirteen in a "baker's dozen." Illustrated by Susan Gaber.