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The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies

The fairies are furious. They never get a taste of the fine cakes made by the bakerwoman who lives at the edge of the forest. Her cakes are so good they're always eaten down to the last crumb. The fairies want her to make cakes only for them, so...they capture her! But the bakerwoman flummoxes the fairies -- she confuses, perplexes, surprises, and befuddles them -- with an ingenious plan that ends up pleasing everyone. Rainbow-winged fairies fill this old Scottish tale retold for all who love a touch of magic, a bit of good sense, and a lot of fun (softcover only). A Junior Library Guild selection.


"Forest's graceful retelling perfectly captures the story's fairy-tale flavor." --Publisher's Weekly


"..a bright, well-written, witty little book." --The Macon Beacon


"...Retold with humor and zest" --The Boston Globe


This book has been newly republished by August House Publishers (2013)