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Virtual and Live Concerts & Workshops and are now being scheduled! 




Performance Dates
2019-2020 Season




Hans Christian Andersen Statue

Central Park




Sept. 22

Now You're Talking

Cinema Arts Center

Huntington, NY



October 5

ELIJA FARM Fall Festival

Family Concerts of Harvest Tales

Huntington Station. NY



Oct 6

Come Over for Coffee

House Concert

Jackson Heights, NY



Oct 26

Family Treasures Workshop

for Grandparents

Massapequa Park, NY



Oct 27

Transformational Language Association

Right Livlihood Workshop




Nov 9

The Graduate Institute

Instructor: Telling and Writing Children's Stories

Bethany, Connecticut



Feb 11

Stratfield School

Concert for K-1

Workshops for Grades 4

Fairfield, Ct


Feb 18

Jefferson Ferry

Tapestry of Tales Concert for Adults

Port Jefferson, NY



Feb 21

Old Greenwich School

K Concert

Greenwich Ct



Feb 23

Ethical Humanist Society

The Power of Words: Storytelling for Social Change


Garden City, NY 



Feb 28-March 1

The Gathering

Workshop with Laura Simms, Milbre Burch, Heather Forest

Chapel Hill, NC



March 11

Chippewa ES

4th Grade Concert

 Sachem, NY



April 14

Woodward Nursery School

Pre-K Concerts



April 23

Monona Public Library

Community Concert

Madison, WI


April 23-26

Northlands Storytelling Conference

Magic of Words Workshop

Ghost Tales

Madison, WI


April 23-26

Northlands Storytelling Conference

Magic of Words Workshop

Ghost Tales

Madison, WI


May 9

The Graduate Institute

Instructor: Storytelling, Leadership and Social Change

Bethany, Connecticut



July 10

Floyd Memorial Library

Summer Reading Club

Fairytale Concert

Greenport, NY




July 18

Glen Cove Library

Summer Reading Program




July 24-26

National Storytelling Conference

One World of Stories:

The Diversity and Commonality of Folktales Workshop

Atlanta, Georgia



Aug 15-21

John C Campbell Folkschool

Wonder Tales Storytelling Intensive

Brasstown, NC



Aug. 25

Half Hollow Hills Library

Summer Reading Program for Adults