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“a true troubadour. . . even the narrative parts of her storytelling seem to be sung” Martha’s Vineyard Times MA
"One of the Greats!" Parents' Choice Magazine

Heather Forest
Story Arts
PO Box 354
Huntington, NY 11743

About Storytelling

Storytelling is one of humanity's oldest art forms and an enduring educational method. Telling or simply listening to a well-crafted story is a compelling, imaginative experience. As a folk art, storytelling is accessible to all ages and abilities. People informally share personal stories everyday when they tell “what happened.” Multicultural folktales are enduring tales connected to particular cultures rather than to identifiable, single authors and have been honed by the tongues of tellers over time. As a learning tool, personal anecdotal stories and traditional folktales offer rich insights into the human condition. Storytelling offers a way to celebrate both the diversity and commonality of human experience. In our fast-paced, media-driven world, storied exchanges can be a nurturing way to remember that spoken words are powerful, that listening is important, and that clear communication between people is an art.